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Because of our 30 years in the printing industry, we have a sound understanding of printing and manufacturing - from a technological, managerial, and work flow perspective. This experience guides us in the execution of well-produced projects which meet or exceed our clients' expectations.
Top-notch overseas vendors
Our small core of hand-picked overseas vendors has been selected, first and foremost, because of their ability to produce high-quality printed projects to our specifications. Additionally, our vendors have been screened for good environmental and labor practices. We have often been to their plants for proofing/supervision and have witnessed them in action.
We listen to our clients
We take great pride in doing our job well and this includes being responsive to our clients' needs - whether they are novices in offshore printing or have years of experience. We feel keeping all parties informed and two-way communication is key to a smoothly executed project. All questions and comments our clients may have are welcomed. A clear understanding of what our clients are trying to achieve also helps us do our job well. We may be able to offer manufacturing suggestions - including materials and/or processes - which were not initially considered. We may also be able to flag potential pitfalls or manufacturing challenges when they are still in the planning stages. We strive to minimize surprises.
Special Materials and Processes
Over the years, our clients have had needs for various production specifications beyond the basic "ink on paper" offset printing process. The following is a list of some of the processes and materials we have used in past projects.

• FSC papers
• Recycled papers
• Printing on various plastics for covers
• UV printing
• Interesting book binding materials such as handmade papers
• Plastic holders and pouches bound into books/manuals
• Metallic printing
• Protected CD/DVD replication
Handmade papers used in book bindery
Silver foil over textured cloth, Chicago screw bindery
We like to pass on industry news as we hear about it. Whether it is paper shortages, increases in shipping costs or interesting projects we see, we think you would like to know.

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