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Shipping Terms
Below are the most common terms which define how various shipping/import fees and risk/reponsiblities are included or not included in a printing quote. If you are looking at multiple bids for your project, make sure that all these fees have been calculated and included (or omitted) in the same manner. If not, significant dollars and risk can be in play. The preferred method used by Planet ink Fine Books is DDP (see below.)
Delivered Duty Paid
All costs related to the transportation of your project (shipping, duties, customs, and any other expenses incurred during shipping) are included in our quote to you. We are responsible in full for the project until it has been received by you. This is the preferred method used by Planet ink Fine Books.

Cost, Insurance, Freight
Planet ink Fine Books arranges for your project to be delivered to a destination port. Your project is insured and is our responsibility up to this point, but duties, customs and any other delivery costs and arrangements to get your project to its final destination are not included.
Free on Board
Your project is delivered to a designated overseas port for loading onto a designated vessel. The project is considered delivered when it is loaded onto the ship. Our responsibility to delivery your project ends there. No insurance, duties, customs or local freight/arrangements are included.

Delivered Duty Unpaid
The costs to deliver your project safely to a final destination port are included. Your project becomes your responsibility at this point. Any duties, customs or local deliver arrangements and fees are not included.
Ex Works
Your project is completed and at the overseas printer. All other costs, arrangements and risks are assumed by you.
We like to pass on industry news as we hear about it. Whether it is paper shortages, increases in shipping costs or interesting projects we see, we think you would like to know.

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