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FSC certification, soy-based inks, recycled papers and ISO certification explained
These certifications and logos have become ubiquitous.

Follow this link for a brief explanation of what each signifies and how they all relate to Planet ink Fine Books.
We excel at printing books
The often heard adage "you do well what you like to do" is true for Planet ink Fine Books and book printing. Perhaps it is because we like seeing the illustrations and photographs come alive after our color wizards have done their tricks. Or perhaps it is hearing our clients' "ahs" when they open their first printed sample. Or maybe we still like holding a beautiful book in our hands. For whatever reason, we like doing books.
On the Boat
Planet ink Fine Books is straightforward and realistic about overseas shipping times and costs. We quote our projects DDP, (Delivery Duty Paid) which means a project is delivered to a specified final address with all fees paid. We incorporate all the shipping costs, including duties, customs, freight and local delivery, into the project price given to our clients at the outset so there are no surprises. We also handle all the coordination, shipping, customs and delivery of our projects and are bonded with US Customs/Homeland Security. We notify our clients 24-hour in advance of delivery in order to facilitate final receipt of the shipment.
We like to pass on industry news as we hear about it. Whether it is paper shortages, increases in shipping costs or interesting projects we see, we think you would like to know.

Deciphering (Offshore) Printing with Planet ink Fine Books
We find many of our clients don't use the same words we do - either they are unfamiliar with the nomenclature of printing and print production or they have a different understanding or meaning for a word or phrase. To confound matters, the meaning for a word or phrase can differ when is it used overseas. We believe the following information will help.

Pocket Pal®
This small paperback book has been around the industry for a long time. (This is its 20th edition!) It contains more information on printing and printing processes than you might ever want to know. If you do want an easily-understood, comprehensive reference on printing, we highly recommend it. Contact its publisher, International Paper, for a copy.
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